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Fashion photography can be interesting. You’re not always working in the best lighting conditions, or the sexiest location. There are a million changes, you’re thinking on your feet for four or five hours, and suddenly you become a furniture removal specialist. But despite all this, I love it.

I was shooting the new headwear collection for milliner Chrissie King at Hat Therapy recently. Chrissie doesn’t make ordinary hats. Everything she makes is a one off and she uses fabric, buttons and repurposed items to create amazing works of art – you just happen to wear them on your head.

We were joined by Rachel Lucie jewellery, and the model for the day was singer and fashion designer I Am Lucille, who also provided beautiful 50s inspired gowns.

Here’s a selection of my favourite shots from the shoot.

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Occasionally, a gentlemen needs a little brush up… not just a sharp suit, but the whole kit and kaboodle. Headed by Jacqui Cooper, Men’s Image Specialists are a team of Yorkshire based professionals who have combined their skills in hair design, bespoke tailoring and personal management to create a one-stop shop for busy professional men.

They called me in recently to grab some portrait shots for their new website.

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I work quite frequently as a National Trust photographer and recently whilst wandering the halls of East Riddlesden, I stumbled upon the work of artist Chrissie Freeth.

Chrissie has been beavering away at the National Trust property for some time, creating her Maides Coigne tapestry in honour of an inscription carved into a fireplace in the house which apparently refers to daughters as ‘cornerstones’.

The tapestry was nicknamed Gracie and I visited last year to capture Chrissie at work. It’s always interesting to see how other artists work and the things that challenge them. As I photographed Chrissie, I got the chance to look through her work books and see where Gracie has grown from.

After 600 hours of weaving, 3kg of hand died wool, and weeks of blood, sweat and tears, Gracie is now finished and on display at East Riddlesden Hall.

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